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6 Reasons Why You Should Use PalyPDF

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The Ultimate PDF Chatbot

Direct PDF Conversations: Your PDFs have a lot to say! Chat with them directly and get answers in real-time.

Group PDF Chats: Merge the knowledge of multiple documents into one conversation and see the bigger picture.

Swift Summaries: Transform extensive PDFs into concise, easy-to-digest summaries within moments.

Unified Multi-PDF Insights: Merge the knowledge from various documents into one enlightening conversation, revealing connections and broader perspectives.

OCR Magic: Whether it's text or images, our advanced OCR capabilities ensure every word in your PDFs is understood, making no document too challenging

Find What You Need, Instantly!

Advanced Semantic Search: Dive deeper into your documents with our advanced search capabilities. Discover connections and insights never before possible!!

Powerful Search: Swiftly find exactly what you're looking for across one or multiple documents, no matter how deeply buried it might be.

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Neat and Tidy Workspace

Easy Storage: No more clutter! Store, categorize, and manage your PDFs in folders just the way you want

Stay Organized: Create a neat workspace with easy-to-use folders, ensuring you always find what you need

Everything in its right place. Your documents, your way

One Tool, Many Uses

Universal Utility: From gripping novels to critical legal contracts, from detailed invoices to comprehensive financial reports, from user manuals to professional resumes PalyPDF is your all-in-one solution, tailored for every document type

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Universal and Inclusive

Speak Any Language: Understand and engage with documents in over 85 languages. Whether your PDF is in English, Spanish, Mandarin, or any other language, PalyPDF is fluent.

Seamless Conversations: Chat with your documents in your preferred language, regardless of the document's original language. Break barriers and bridge gaps.

Flexible and Customizable

Pick Your Plan: From casual users to power readers, we offer multiple subscription plans with tiered pricing. Choose what best fits your needs and budget

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Pricing Plans

Organise and interact with all your data




  • 10MB max size per PDF

  • 500K Train Credits per month

  • 100 Query Credits per day

  • 100MB Storage




  • Unlimited PDFs

  • 100MB max size per PDF

  • 10M Train Credits per month

  • 250 Query Credits per day

  • 1GB storage





  • Unlimited PDFs

  • 100MB max size per PDF

  • 20M Train Credits per month

  • 500 Query Credits per day

  • 2GB Storage




  • Unlimited PDFs

  • No Size limit

  • 100M Train Credits per month

  • 1000 Query Credits per day

  • 5GB storage